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Volume 10 Issue 11 - 2020


1.  Effectiveness Of Yogic And Psychoneurobic Exercises Along With Diet on Obesity Management

     Binny Chauhan,Sushama TS

     Yoga Samskrutham University Florida.

     Dr Anil Gupta

     Sri Ganesh Vinayak Eye Hospital.

     Deepchand D

     olani Maritime Institute,Pune.
     Page No: 1-21



2.  A Review on Medicinal Plants of Northeast India
     Apex Professional University, Arunachal Pradesh, India.
     J.amutha Iswarya Devi
     Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Pharmacy, TamilNadu,India.
     Dhanalkshmi Srinivasan College of Pharmacy, TamilNadu, India.
     Page No: 22-26



3.  Healing Effect Of Psycho Neurobics Meditation On Thyroid
    CA Falguni Rakesh Bhatt
    Yoga Samskrutham University Florida.
    Dr Devendra Sutaria
    Swyam Prabha ACADEMY & Self Healing Center, Himmatnagar Gujarat.
    Dr Prabhakar K Kashyap
    Yoga Samskrutham University , Florida,USA.
    Dr.Anil Gupta
    Sri Ganesh Vinayak Eye Hospital & Positive Health Zone, Raipur, Chhattisgarh.
    Foram R Bhatt
    Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
    Page No: 27-51



4.  Study And Compare Environmental Awareness Of Senior Secondary School Students In Relation To Gender And Type Of School In Shimla District Of Himachal Pradesh
     Dr Chaman Lal
     ICDEOL,Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla-171005, India.
     Page No: 52-59



5. Curing Corona in Social Distancing: Distant Healing through Rajyoga and Psychoneurobics Healing
    Ankur Chaturvedi, Dr. R. Kumariya
    Yoga Samskrutham University Florida.
    Dr. B.K. Chandrashekhar Tiwari
    Sigfa Solution
    Page No: 60-72



6. Lean Manufacturing In Garment Industry Employing Value Sream Mapping, 5s & Line Balancing
    Sakthi Shabarish K, Naveen Kumar S, Pradeep T, Vasanth Kumar D
    Dr NGP Institute of Technology, India.
    Page No: 73-80



7. Road User Cost For Arterial Streets In Bengaluru City
    Arun M, N S Chandanshree, Nikhil T R
    M S Ramaiah University of Applied Science.
    Page No: 81-86



8. Environmental Protection : A Nation’s View
    Tara Dubey
    Gitam university.
    Page No: 87-91



9.  C-Trapezoidal Fuzzy Number
     C. Jaisankar, M. Manivel 
     A.V.C. College (Autonomous) Mannampandal.
     Page No: 92-105



10. Pioneer Study On Floristic And Ethnobotanical Aspects Of Kayyath Nagam In Kannur, Kerala,india
      Abna B.Nair, P.Sreeja
     Sir Syed College,Taliparamba,Kannur.
     Page No: 106-113



11. Status Of Agricultural Labour In Tamil Nadu

      Bharathi Women’s College (Autonomous),Chennai.
      Page No: 114-122



12. Analysing Latency Issue In Fog Computing
      Aditi Jha
      Master of Technology/Computer Engineering, Mehsana, India.
      Prof. Pravesh Patel
      U. V. Patel College of Engineering, Mehsana, India.
      Page No: 123-130   



13. Socio-Economic Impact of the Covid-19 in India A Case Study of Himachal Pradesh
      Tara Hetta
      JMC, HPU
      Dr. Meera Devi
      Dr. Sharda Devi
      Page No: 131-140



14. The Study of Comparative Politics Its Evolution and Features
       Dr. Hari Prasad Mishra
       NIMS University Rajasthan Jaipur.
       Page No: 141-150



15. Effects Of Third Eye Concentration On Mind, Memory And Health Of Students
      Nitya Nanda Saha
      Yoga Samskrutham University Florida.
      Deepchand D
      Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune.
      Page No: 151-174



16. Impact Of Pyscho-neurobics On Cognitive And Physical Performance
      Deepchand Dhankher,Dr Prabhakar Kashyap
      Yoga Samskrutham University
      Dr Ravi Kumeriya
      Yoga Samskrutham University Florida
      Dr Mamta Dhankher
      (BHMS) Homeopathic consultant
      Page No: 175-184



17. Smart City: A Conceptual Analysis
      Subhashree Nayak
      Page No:185-196



18. A Study of Effectiveness and Feasibility of Online Teaching and Learning Method during covid 19
      Tahamina Yesmin
      Haldia Institute of Management, Haldia, 721657, India.
      Page No: 197-204



19. Stress Reduction In Indian Women Through Psychoneurobics
      Priyanka Mahajan
      Yoga-samskrutham University, Florida, Usa
      Dr. Bk Chandra Shekhar
      President Sigfa Solutions

      Page No: 205-220



20.  Status Of Inland Reservoirs Or Lakes For Fish And Fisheries In India
       Dr. P. Nirmala Jyothi
       KES Anandibai Pradhan Science College,Nagothane.
       page no: 221-227